The LIHO project was conceived with the purpose of expression, escape and connection.

For Lio Floriani, a 21-year-old native to Belgium, curiosity is what sparked the initial attraction to electronic music. He made the meaningful discovery as electro and progressive house were blooming into the Belgian mainstream with help from artists such as The Bloody Beetroots and Swedish House Mafia. After hearing his first electronic track, John Dahlbäck - “Everywhere”, Lio was instantly infatuated with the newly found concept of electronic music.

With the urge to create, he started making “shitty mixes” using Virtual DJ. One thing lead to another, and Lio downloaded Fruity Loops. Experimenting with DnB, progressive house and dubstep, he started to develop technical production skills. But, he was still unable to convey his identity through the music he was creating.

(Fast forward 5 years)

The future-bass and electro-pop scenes were quickly emerging and Lio’s abilities had greatly matured. At this point in his life, Lio was desperate for a form of expression; a way to self-reflect and tame his internal hyperactivity. Naturally, the outlet of choice was music. So, he began creating energetic future-bass music to free his imprisoned emotions.


He chose to release music under the alias of LIHO because it was an expressive and compelling iteration of his name, Lio; Just as his music was an expressive and compelling iteration of his personality. With that, came LIHO’s first release in March 2017, ‘The Ü’ EP.


In addition to producing, Lio balances school and work. An overwhelming, exhausting and frequently uninspiring life. As he describes it as the “sheep life”, everyday seems to blend into the next. Subway, School, Work, Sleep, Repeat; A schedule that leaves little room to exercise creativity.

When Lio sits down to produce, it is a true escape from reality. It allows him to lose himself in his headphones and focus on one thing, music. This escape has become a vital aspect of Lio's daily life as it provides a safe place for him to indulge in positive energy; a motif that is heard in “Fly Away With Me”.


As Lio continued to produce and release music, he started to gain traction. His tracks were getting plays and strangers were reaching out with support. His music was connecting with others. The feeling for Lio was inconceivable, but motivating and powerful. Creating art that people enjoyed provided an entirely new medium for communication. This concept validated the project. He started to believe in himself. He started to believe that LIHO could be influential.

With that mindset came inspiration to create an uplifting track. A song to listen to while creating memories. The result, “Cold Drinks & Cool Friends”. A summer friendly electro-pop piece that features rising Australian vocalist, Akacia. 


This song was extremely important as it catapulted Lio's career. It was signed to CloudKid Records, making it his first release on a notable label. It reached 100,000+ plays on both SoundCloud and Spotify in less than a week. For the first time, he was featured on major music blogs such as ThisSongIsSick and YourEDM. It was the breakout single that LIHO needed.


When asked about the future of his project, Lio responds with "I want nothing more than to be able to focus 100% on music and support myself. I want to connect with people from around the world, using LIHO shows as my vehicle." 

In the meantime, Lio will continue to make the music that he enjoys the most. He states, "that's why I think making music is SO cool. You can make your OWN music. So I'm basically my biggest fan."